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November 24th, 2020. London, UK.

The Founder's Series -

Francois Paillier as guest 

Episode Description

Francois discusses his journey from joining the first startup in France to provide DNA sequencing service and how this ignited his passion for human health. It was after 8 years that he decided to pursue a career in In Vitro Diagnostics. After 9 years he decided to move to London and pursue a new challenge with a very innovative company that wanted to design a DNA sequencing machine. 2 years later, he quit his position after helping figure out the technical details and created CircaGene - a genetic testing company who also focuses on encryption to keep the user's data safe. Listen to Francois's journey and why he founded CircaGene.

Listen here https://open.spotify.com/episode/7gpdWb8ITscJjAZODfGtcD?si=xLlv8g9XQOa9puSMIRdJ6g

October 20th, 2020. London, UK.

New partnership with Impli.org - Implantables

|DATA SECURITY| 🚀 We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Impli Limited This is an exciting new step in the development of Impli’s platform. 👈

CircaGene’s patented fast homomorphic encryption algorithm will allow impli.org

 to offer users the safest way to store their information 🔏 ℹ️

#DNAPrivacy #Impli #ImpliCaspian #Partnership #Circagene #FHE 
#implantations #implants #implantables #biotech #data #dataprivacy 
#security  #cybersecurity

July 21, 2020. London, UK.

CircaGene COO guest on Fireside with Founders Podcast

👀 CircaGene

Tiempo de PODCAST!
🧨 https://lnkd.in/dHGjTeu

This week we talk to JACKELINE PALMA about how CircaGene is on a mission to look after peoples health, whilst storing DNA data securely. 🔥

Jackeline Palma - COO at CircaGene talks about DNA and discrimination.
Jacky also talks about her struggle against discrimination when looking for work 😲 Don't miss out on this one (there's even a 10% off discount for listeners) 💪

#podcast #dataencryption #healthcare #healthtech #discrimination #opentowork #recruitment

June 18, 2020. London, UK.

CircaGene CEO guest on FrenchTech London Podcast

👀 CircaGene

🧨 https://bit.ly/2BHqR0i

Listen to François PAILLIER from CircaGeneRaph Crouan and Mathilde Bacholle. 
Talking about The Future of Genetic Testing.

Thank you Guillaume Loyau for helping La French Tech London get there! Send us your feedback, we want to get better 😉

You're thinking interesting 🤔but what about ethics and data protection..?
💥Francois's pattern brilliantly addresses that... and more!💥

You'll want to hear it all!

He comes back on the reasons why he chose to establish his company in the UK and shares his thoughts on what a successful #COVID contact tracing solution looks like.

June 1, 2020. London, UK.

CircaGene Covid-19 Predisposition Panel

👀 CircaGene Based on recent findings, CircaGene developed a Digital DNA analysis tool to evaluate your personal level of susceptibility to Coronavirus infection.
This method will be regularly upgraded to reflect the state-of-the art Scientific knowledge. CircaGene provides this analysis service for **FREE** to all NHS personnel providing their WGS Raw DNA data. At CircaGene, We got you covered. #genetictesting #circagene #diseaseprevention

May 25, 2020. London, UK.

CircaGene Guest at Innovative Quarantimes!

Tune in CircaGene Innovative Quarantines, a podcast by Global Tech Connect (GTC).🚀👇🌏👇

You can find out how different countries’ tech ecosystems were hit by the pandemic and how the states and local startups try to overcome the new challenges.

Listen Spotify https://lnkd.in/dJeG7Ts
or on SoundCloud https://lnkd.in/dzG6deg

April, 2020. London, UK.

CircaGene Nominated
European LifeStars Awards

The annual, European Lifestars Awards (ELAs) bring together hundreds of European life science leaders, investors, partners and deal makers.

It is a celebration of the success stories, breakthroughs, transactions and transformational deals and the people, teams and organisations that have played a critical role in the advancement of the industry.

CircaGene had the honour to be nominated, looking forward to the ceremony on 17 NOVEMBER 2020.

March 5, 2020. London, UK.

CircaGene Gets First

Pre-Seed Investment

Start-Up Funding Club (SFC) after couple negotiations; CircaGene is delighted to have The most active seed investor in the UK.

SFC is the best in the UK’s early-stage investment world that provides seed capital and support to promising British startups. By combining our award-winning angel syndicate with our own seed investment funds, we have created a unique model that allows business angels to invest in high-potential startups either directly or through a diversified portfolio approach curated and managed by our team.

Feb 20, 2020. Canada.

CircaGene Gets First

Venture Capitalist

Loyal partners leaders in their field. 

Loyal VC supports only top companies for the full journey.

Knowing a company from the first data point onward, Loyal VC really bring forward the loyalty to the LPs and Founders.

Feb 17, 2020. London, UK.

CircaGene Graduates at Founders Institute 

Founders Institute the World's largest pre-seed start-up accelerator selected CircaGene to be part of their cohort Winter 2019-2020. CircaGene is part of this American business incubator. Although based in Silicon Valley, CircaGene graduates on London UK chapter.

Francois Paillier and Jackeline Palma graduates in the number #2 of all the Cohort.


Feb 5th, 2020. London, UK.


4th Annual Health Technology Pitch Event

Baker Botts (UK) LLP, in association with the Digital Health & Care Alliance and Ascendant Corporate Finance.

Stuart McKnight, Managing Director of Ascendant Corporate Finance, will be the keynote speaker and will discuss key venture investment trends in the digital health and Medtech sectors including highlighting the biggest deals and the most active investors. 

Come to see us at Baker Botts on 5th February 2020.

 Jackeline Palma Founder and COO presenting this night.

Jan 20, 2020. London, UK.

CircaGene Pitching at BioSeed 2020

BioSeed - the early-stage life sciences investment event - provides a platform for up to 60 innovative early-stage Life Sciences companies to deliver their 5-minute pitch to 100 specialist investors.

Founder Francois Paillier presenting.

Nov 2-4, 2019. Portugal.

CircaGene Invited at The Gathering (Pre WebSummit)

The Gathering aims to provide exclusive insights for startups and the executives and investors that mentor them. Their invaluable experience will be delivered to attendees through talks and roundtable discussions throughout the weekend.

Invite only to the most exciting and innovative start-ups, CircaGene at The Gathering WebSummit Portugal.

Oct 25, 2019. London UK.

CircaGene Official Launch

We have officially launch or product at TechDays London 2019, with our fabulous stand and personalised saliva kits collection.

The unique solution for personalized genetic services without compromising your DNA privacy. 

Patent inventors of the quickest and most secure form of encryption to allow us to analyse the DNA data meanwhile are encrypted.

The owner of the data (user) will be the only person to hold this key.

2I4A4341 - Copy (2)
2I4A4250 - Copy

Oct 15, 2019. London UK.

CircaGene at Giant Health 2019

CircaGene promised to bring a new product to our attention at the end of 2019. 

Giant Health 2019 invited us to be part of Europe's greatest festival of healthcare innovation. CircaGene was pre-selected to be part of the BeansTalk competition.

Brand Cast Health did a series of interviews with the founders of CircaGene.

Click on the links to watch the videos 

Francois Paillier outlines how Circagene guarantees genetic data privacy.

Francois Paillier, Circagene, talks industrializing bioinformatics and encryption.

Francois Paillier, discusses future aims for Circagene.

Francois Paillier, outlines Circagene products.

Francois Paillier, Circagene, talks on AI at the forefront of digital health.

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