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The productive approach to your health

With the world's first incognito DNA test, CircaGene helps you to understand potential health risks you may face with our personalised DNA testing plans.

New approach to your health
Family planning
Disease prevention
Genetic predisposition to diseases

Most genetic testing companies analyze less than 1% of your DNA, leading to inaccurate and incomplete results. With CircaGene we sequence 99.9% of your data.

We sequence 99.9% of your DNA

Benefits of DNA testing
Genetic counselling
Family planning clinic

A genetic test can help you to diagnose and prevent a genetic condition. Having the chance to measure risk an do something about it.

Genetic counselling

You will be able to do have a 1 to 1 with a genetic counsellor and discuss your DNA reports.

Family Planning

They are many ways to prevent or find out about genetic conditions in a family.

Prevent Risk

At CircaGene, we want you to have a result that is personalized, useful and accurate.

We want to provide genetic testing that helps you to get informed on your genetic make-up. We report on the presence or absence of a particular gene or genetic change that, once analyzed, give us a response on a specific disease.

Knowing your risks can provide a sense of relief from uncertainty and help people make informed decisions about managing your health care.

For example, a positive result can direct a person toward available prevention, monitoring, and treatment options. A negative result can eliminate the need for unnecessary checkups and added costs. Some test results can also help people make decisions about having children.

Why CircaGene


Affordable DNA testing

We provide a range of genetic testing services from targeted health conditions to lifetime updates investment in healthcare.

We are here to help you plan your healthy future.


Identify, mitigate and prevent health risks with a personalised action plan, recommendations and genetic counselling.

Fight Disease

A genetic test can help fighting a genetic predisposition.


We use the utmost advanced technology in both Next Generation Sequencing and in Laboratory Computerization with scientifically validates tests to deliver the best quality and accuracy for your results.

DNA testing accuracy

Technology you can trust.


We guarantee full control and ownership of your data, always using patented technology end-to-end encryption for your privacy.

Private healthcare

You only have the key to your data.

Technology you can trust

We use the utmost advanced technology in both Next Generation Sequencing and in Lab Computerization with scientifically validated tests to deliver the best quality and accuracy for your results. Our technology allows us to sequence your entire DNA with unparalleled precision, encrypt and focus on entire DNA analysis, unlike the competitors. Our labs include many quality certifications including ISO/IEC 27001.

DNA sequencing

You have the key to your data

We do not sell your data, lease or allow any third party access. Only you have the key to open, and the power to decide how or if you want to share your data. We are working with global leaders in ISO committee. All access to our pipeline is patented encrypted technology:
Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE).

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Our Kits

Digital DNA Test


Upload your FASTQ Files for analysis of your unique DNA. Personalised easy to read report.

  • Upload your DNA Raw data (FASTQ files)
  • Results as PDF reports
  • Secure DNA encryption
  • 1 year free update on all Reports
  • Time for results 2-3 days



Sequence 99.9% of your DNA with this whole-genome sequencing plan and get 203 health reports.

  • All Target test features +
  • Analyse 99.9% of your DNA
  • Cancer reports
  • Health Risk & Disease reports
  • Dementia & Brain Health reports
  • Over 200 reports
  • Fully personalised reports



Sequence 99.9% of your DNA with this whole-genome sequencing plan. Get personalised reports and lifetime updates for you genomic data.

  • All Companion test features
  • + Family Planning report
  • + Genetic Counselling
  • + Lifetime updates

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- Our Stories

I came positive for condition Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HFE-Related). I told about my results: and got a 1-2-1 personalised consultation with a coach that explained that in this condition the body organs accumulates in an excess iron, from excessive intestinal absorption of dietary iron. When I did my test had no symptoms, however now I know that if I don’t change my diet, I have a high risk of organ failure.

Knowing my risk allowed me to change my lifestyle, not taking an iron supplement, not to take Vitamin C supplements as Vitamin C increases iron absorption, reducing my alcohol intake as metabolizing the alcohol can stress an already compromised liver, reducing or limiting iron-rich food. Now I am very happy, proactive, I monitor my iron levels in blood and I am leading a healthier life that I wouldn't know about before.

Thank you CircaGene

- David P.

- Our Stories

I came positive for age-related macular degeneration (ARMD).

I told about my results and I got a 1-2-1 personalised consultation with a coach that explained that in my eyes a disease - pigment- prorogues a gradual deterioration of light-sensing cells in the tissue at the back of my eye that detect light and colours.

Changing habit like stop smoking, as smoking increases my chances of developing by two to fivefold.  I was explained that retina has a high rate of oxygen consumption, anything that affects oxygen delivery to the retina may affect vision, Smoking causes oxidative damage which may contribute the development and progression of my condition.

I just stopped smoking, I was advised to wear sunglasses and hats if possible when outdoors. To get eye exams and consult an eye doctor if I notice changes. Put a light filter in screens and my devices. Following all this action plan I have a high chance of not losing my vision by the time I am 60.

I am now informed, and I monitor my vision to lead a better quality life.

Thank you I totally recommend CircaGene

-Joel P.

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