Dna testing
How It works

How it works


Choose your test kit and create account

When buying one of our tests you will be prompted to create a secure account. You need an account for further access to your reports and to keep you personal data safe and private.




Collect your sample and send it to us, it’s free

The test kit will arrive in 2-3 days. Follow the instructions provided in the kit and collect your saliva sample, and send it back to our lab with free pre-paid postage.

Your data gets encrypted and analysis starts

Once your DNA sample arrived at one of our labs, the Fully Homomorphic Encryption starts here. Your data is anonymized and encrypted for your security and privacy. We then start to analyse your sample.

Access your reports with your unique key

Sit back and relax. The report will be with you shortly. We will notify you when the report is ready and you can check your results on our website by logging in to your secure account and inserting your security key.

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